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Warranty- Systems Awning Components

Systems Awning Components for the Retractable Awnings-Model Meteor , Model Lunar , Fossil-Window awnings , Nebula - Drop Arms Awnings are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 3 YEARS from the Date of invoice / date imprinted on the component to be repaired or replaced as best decided by the Company . The decision of the Company whether the defect is covered under the warranty or not would be final and binding .

This warranty:

  • does not extend to any damage arising due to faulty assembly of the awning.
  • does not extend to any damage arising due to faulty assembly/ installation or the awning at site.
  • does not extend to any damage caused due pooling of water over the fabric of the awning .
  • does not extend to consequential damage or loss arising out of falling objects , accidents, fire , vandalism , hanging heavy objects and similar conditions.
  • is null and void if repairs and modifications are carried out without our approval in writing.
  • does not cover normal wear and tear not routine maintenance and operations.
  • does not cover deterioration or rusting in MS components due to atmospheric conditions.
  • does not extend to damage during stormy weather conditions with wind velocities exceeding 40 Km/hr or heavy snowing.
  • Is valid only if complete payment has been made and there are no dues .
  • Plastic parts are not covered under the warranty.
  • Any disputes arising shall be subject to the courts of Delhi only .

The above warranty is for the use of a Systems direct customer only which includes its converters , buyers etc. and not any end customer or user of the awning who would have bought an assembled product from an awning assembler locally.

Systems does not take any responsibility of the quality of workmanship or assembly or the awning or its final appearance or the quality of the installation of the products at the end users premises and the defects arising out of faulty assembly or faulty installation of the awning .

The warranty liability of the Company is limited to repair / replacement of the faulty part only free of cost . All other costs of removal from site , packing etc , transportation from site to New Delhi and return back to site and final replacement of the part at site would be borne by the Converter / Buyer / dealer or any other form of associate of the Company .

Useage Instructions for Systems Garden Umbrellas ( Aluminium and Wood )

  • Keep your Umbrella open only when in use . CLOSE IT when not in use to protect it from Wind or damage due to falling .

  • Garden Umbrellas are designed with high quality lightweight aluminium / hardwood for easy operation and portability . DO NOT leave your Umbrellas unattended in the day time or night  in high winds .

  • Garden Umbrellas are fair weather products when the outdoor can be enjoyed . Leaving them open in inclement weather can cause breakage so DON’T LEAVE THEM OPEN IN INCLEMENT WEATHER !

  • The Umbrellas should be firmly fixed in the Ground or in a heavy base to avoid the Umbrella from falling or flying off in the breezy weather .

  • DO NOT KEEP WINDING THE LEVER of the Umbrella while opening it once the Fabric has straightened . Over tightening will snap the rope inside for winding and render the Umbrella non functional .

  • DO NOT TRY TO REPAIR ANY PART OF THE UMBRELLA YOURSELF . It might create further damage . You will have to send the damaged Umbrella to us for necessary repairs or replacement of parts.

Only the fabric used on the umbrellas are warranted as per terms applicable for manufacturing defects .

Sunbrella® fabric's 10 year limited warranty for awning and marine fabric and 5 year limited warranty for furniture fabric are the best in the industry.

Warranty FAQ:

Does the warranty cover mildew?
If your Sunbrella fabric has mildew or mold, it can be removed easily with helpful hints from the stain chart. Mildew grows on dirt, pollen and other organic matter, so simple routine cleanings will prevent mildew from forming.

What's the difference between Sunbrella awning and marine fabric and other Sunbrella fabrics?
Our awning and marine canvas is engineered for shade structures and features a very stiff, tight construction and a heavy finish. Our furniture fabrics are engineered for the softness, comfort and and flexibility desired in seating and other furniture applications.

What's the warranty period?
Performance improvements introduced November 1, 2008 allowed Glen Raven to increase the warranty period for Sunbrella fabrics:

Sunbrella Awning and Marine Canvas 10 Years
Sunbrella Furniture Fabrics and all other Sunbrella Fabrics 5 years

Sunbrella fabric warranty

Who this warranty protects: This warranty protects the original purchaser of Sunbrella fabric.

What this warranty protects against: This warranty protects against Sunbrella fabric becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals.

What this warranty covers: This warranty covers Sunbrella fabric only.

What this warranty does not cover: This warranty does not cover normal care and cleaning; damage from misuse or abuse; improper installation; or costs associated with replacement of the fabric, including labor and installation.

Limits to the warranty: Glen Raven's liability is expressly limited to this warranty. Glen Raven reserves the right to inspect the fabric submitted for claim. Proof of purchase may be required.

What we will do: Glen Raven will supply new equivalent fabric to replace the fabric that becomes unserviceable.

Who to contact: Contact your Glen Raven dealer / retailer / Glen Raven distributor for warranty claims.

Warranty Coverage Period: Performance improvements introduced November 1, 2008 allowed Glen Raven to increase the warranty period for Sunbrella fabrics. See below for details.

Warranty coverage period SUNBRELLA AWNING AND MARINE CANVAS For installations prior to November 1, 2008, the warranty coverage period is five years from the original purchase date.

The warranty coverage period is ten years from the original purchase date. Glen Raven will provide replacement fabric at no cost during years one through eight; at the then-current selling price less a 30% discount during the ninth year; and less a 15% discount during the tenth year.


This coverage applies to all Sunbrella furniture fabrics, window treatment fabrics, and specialty fabrics such as Sunbrella Plus, Sunbrella Supreme, and Sunbrella View. The Sunbrella Graphics System is covered under a separate warranty.

The warranty coverage period is five years from the original purchase date.

Limited Warranty
Terms & Conditions



Dickson Constant warrants the rot-proof properties and colour fastness ( 7/8 minimum colour fastness under exposure to ultra violet rays and bad weather conditions , according to the NF EN ISO 105 B02 and NF EN ISO 105 B02 and NF EN ISO 105 B04 standards of its ORCHESTRA , ORCHESTRA MAX , SYMPHONY , OPERA AND SUNBRELLA AWNING fabrics for 10 years ( starting from the date of purchase of fabric ) from the authorised distributor .

This warranty is valid under the following terms and conditions:

  • For 8 years for Orchestra , Orchestra Max , Symphony , Opera and Sunbrella awning, Dickson Constant shall either replace free of charge the section of the fabric recognized as faulty , excluding any costs or any other compensation for any reason whatsoever.

  • For Orchestra , Orchestra Max , Symphony , Opera and Sunbrella Awnings fabric , in the event of a justified complaint after the 8th year , and taking into account depreciation due to wear , the warranty will consist of a discount on the purchase of new fabric : 30% during the 9th year and 15% during the 10th year , at the rate applicable on the day of the complaint .

  • Any complaint must be sent within ten days of the defect being noticed , accompanied by the purchase invoice to the authorised distributor.

  • The fabric should be kept ready for inspection or to be sent to Dickson Constant , France for laboratory tests to check the defect and verify whether defect is under manufacturing defects category or not .

The warranty does not cover :
  • Parts of the awning other than the fabric manufactured by Dickson Constant , France .

  • Imperfections such as mottling , waffling , folds etc due to handling during preparation of the awning or its installation .

  • Defects due to the aging and normal wear of the fabric .

  • The consequences of the conditions of installation , the environment or the use not corresponding to the normal conditions , uses of the profession , standards prescribed by Dickson Constant or the destined use of the fabric .

  • The repair of damage or defects in the fabric resulting from accidents or negligence not attributable to Dickson Constant or resulting from force majeure.

Expressly excluded in particular is any deterioration due to :
  • Faulty maintenance or the use of unsuitable products or instruements : no detergent , chemical product or solvent can be used , nor any scraper or other instrument that may damage the surface .

  • Lightening or other unusual weather .

  • Atmospheric or phytosanitary pollution

  • Soiling caused by animals

  • Faulty assembly or handling by the user , the projection of various products , hanging objects on the fabric , falling objects , bumps , road accidents , vandalism ,burns from cigarettes or othe sources and fire .

Warranty shall be applicable only as per the terms given above , terms & conditions as given on the warranty card by the authorised distributor Systems India Pvt Ltd , New Delhi India and when the awning is assembled and used as per the Guidelines given on the warranty card.

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